Welcome to ChiroFlo, Chiropractic Care in Ormond Beach.

Our goal is to provide effective, low cost, conservative, chiropractic care to patients of all ages.

At ChiroFlo, patient satisfaction is our top priority. Every patient will receive a free consultation, thorough exam, and a personalized treatment plan that best suits their unique health requirements. It is our honor and privilege to serve our patients, helping them to Feel better… Move better and Live better. Visit your Chiropractor, Dr. Gibbs, in Ormond Beach.

What to expect on your First visit for Chiropractic Care

When you first arrive at the ChiroFlo office, you will receive a warm greeting from our staff, and asked to fill out new patient paperwork. You will meet with Dr. Gibbs for a free consultation, during which time he will determine if your condition is something that would benefit from chiropractic care. If chiropractic care is warranted, Dr. Gibbs will perform a thorough exam to determine the underlying cause of the problem and if any special imaging [x-ray, MRI] or special tests [labs] are needed. At this time our staff will schedule you for a follow-up visit where you and Dr. Gibbs will go over his review of findings.

The Second Chiropractor visit

Once Dr. Gibbs has reviewed your exam results, along with any special imaging or labs, he will present you with his review of findings. This simply means that he will explain to you what the underlying cause of your health problem is. Back pain is the most common problem that we see in our Chiropractic Care office in Ormond Beach. He will then present his treatment plan, explaining in detail the length of your treatment plan, what treatment he will be using, and the frequency of your visits. Dr. Gibbs will also present a financial report, explaining the cost of the treatment plan, and the use of insurance or special discounts/promotions. Once you are comfortable with all aspects of the chiropractic process, you will receive your first treatment and your journey to health and wellness will begin.

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Chiropractic seeks to restore health, proper function, and vitality to the body through natural, conservative care.


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